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Singing my Mom a Song

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This is a video of me playing a song to my Mom who has Alzheimer's. This was before she moved into assisted living, when she lived at home with me and my Dad. I am a little embarrassed for posting something so personal. I wasn't expecting all the attention it's been getting, but the fact that it has touched so many people makes makes it worth while. My Dad and 3 siblings are proud as well. Thank you everyone so much for such kind words. I hope this video promotes awareness of this horrible disease....and encourages people to give their parents a big hug. Regarding the song, I haven't recorded it or anything, it was just something I was working on at the time, but if you want to hear some music I've recorded you can go here: http://kingdevilmusic.bandcamp.com/

Language: Русский
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Author: Joe Fraley
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