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Nigeria: USA's 'Anti-Muslim' Stance Aggravated Boko Haram Situation

A recent article written by Herskovits, a History Professor at the State University of New York and published on the Vanguard newspaper has stated that America may have have acted less than fairly as far as religious lines are concerned in the Boko Haram situation. 

Herskovits also suggested, mildly, that neither Nigeria nor USA has cared to investigate the true nature of Boko Haram. The writer believes that other opportunistic criminals may have already hijacked the 'Boko Haram' umbrella to exact their own hidden, twisted agenda. 

"But the news media and American policy makers are chasing an elusive and ill-defined threat; there is no proof that a well-organized, ideologically coherent terrorist group called Boko Haram even exists today," says Herskovits. "Evidence suggests instead that, while the original core of the group remains active, criminal gangs have adopted the name Boko Haram to claim responsibility for attacks when it suits them."

Herskovits also adds: The United States should not allow itself to be drawn into this quicksand by focusing on Boko Haram alone. Washington is already seen by many northern Muslims — including a large number of longtime admirers of America — as biased toward a Christian president from the south. The United States must work to avoid a self-fulfilling prophecy that makes us their enemy."

This, the writer says, is because "Many Nigerians already believe that the United States unconditionally supports Mr. Jonathan’s government, despite its failings.

They believe this because Washington praised the April elections that international observers found credible, but that many Nigerians, especially in the north, did not."
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